Photos from the Achives

I came across my old 35mm film photos when I was updating my site and thought I'd share some on my blog. I took most of these on travels.

This first series is from a trip to Argentina in May 2007. We visited Bariloche, Justiniano Posse (a small town in Córdoba where my mom is from), Santa Fe (where I was born!) and of course, Buenos Aires.

This second series is from a trip to Argentina in December 2008/January 2009. It was much warmer! We visited Buenos Aires, Justiniano Posse, Cuesta Blanca, Santa Fe and Mar de las Pampas.

This third series is from 2004 when I was enrolled in the Land Arts of the American West, a program at UT Austin where we got to spend a semester traveling the US southwest visiting natural and human-made wonders. It was the best.