Photos from the Achives

I came across my old 35mm film photos when I was updating my site and thought I'd share some on my blog. I took most of these on travels.

This first series is from a trip to Argentina in May 2007. We visited Bariloche, Justiniano Posse (a small town in Córdoba where my mom is from), Santa Fe (where I was born!) and of course, Buenos Aires.

This second series is from a trip to Argentina in December 2008/January 2009. It was much warmer! We visited Buenos Aires, Justiniano Posse, Cuesta Blanca, Santa Fe and Mar de las Pampas.

This third series is from 2004 when I was enrolled in the Land Arts of the American West, a program at UT Austin where we got to spend a semester traveling the US southwest visiting natural and human-made wonders. It was the best.

The First Horizons of Juno Wall Hangings

Last September I was commissioned to make two wall hangings for the exhibition The First Horizons of Juno at Mass Gallery. Outside of the general color direction, I was given free reign over the design by the curators. I hand-dyed over 24 yards of canvas and made my biggest patchwork pieces to date!

The First Horizons of Juno Wall hanging

Below are some photos of my process as well as installation shots:

Mass gallery took great shots of the wall hangings as well, including some photos of the opening and patchwork details:

New blog!

Hello, world! I plan to use this blog to write and share photos of personal projects, hobbies and travels. If you'd like to catch up on what I had been up to in the past, check out my old Wordpress blog: